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A working place in Milan where creativity, knowledge and experience  meet together and collaborate.

Visual artists, CGI artists, 3D illustrators, illustrators, graphic designers, web designers

ASC: Daniele Afferni, Anna Citelli, Luca Mari

CGI, Illustration, Visual Development, Concept Art

ASC isa creative team of illustrators and CGI Artists. They create many kind of visuals, matte painting, concept art, visual development, pre-production, environment design and 3D illustration.

Alessandra Scandella


Alessandra Scandella is an illustrator based in Milan, working with ink and watercolor, in Italy and abroad. Among her clients: Triennale di Milano, Tod’s, Corriere della Sera, Amnesty International, Lavazza, L’Espresso.


Christian Dellavedova


Christian Dellavedova is an Italian illustrator who lives in Milan. He works with international advertising and editorial clients. Represented in the US & Canada by Travis Foster Reps 1(615)428-3339 Rappresentato in Italia da Camilla Corsellini per Bookteller Eventi Letterari. telefono: 0039/ 3476606252 mail:


Urban Safari

Tour Management

Urban Safari is a culture-minded company organizing themed guided tours in most Italian cities and historic locations. Our unconventional itineraries combine history and culture, arts and craft, trends and lifestyle.

Antonella Ficarra

Graphic designer / Visual artist / Web designer

I’m a graphic and visual designer specialised on corporate identity; I design and develop solutions for companies, organisations and institutions. I’ve always had an intense passion for all that is printing and paper. That is likely why I’ve often realised editorial projects, again as part of initiatives of corporates, organisations and  institutions. I’m also an

Marcella Peluffo

Illustrator – Visual designer

Marcella Peluffo: Illustrator, visual designer; she lives in Milan and publishes her works for editorial and advertising clients.



Daniele Afferni Artist

Daniele Afferni is an italian artist, illustrator and concept designer founder of ASC creative team and IMMAGINARIOsolo project. He has performed at important personal and collective ehxibitions in London, Berlin and




Wallpaper by Alessandra Scandella

Alessandra creates watercolor illustrations for interior design, wallpapers for showroom, spa, store, hotel, even in collaboration with Wallpepper Showroom,  Milan.



Marcella Peluffo Illustration

Wool painting is a innovative way to make illustrations and decorative panels for interior design, made by strands of wool applied on a hard surface.

Container Studio


Container Studio
Via Pietro Panzeri 5 – 20123 – Milano | Italy


Cristian Dellavedova
Antonella Ficarra
Alessandra Scandella
Vittoria Squitieri – Urban Safari
Marcella Peluffo



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